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Top 9 Most Beautiful Kerala Onam Saree Designs For 2023

Top 9 Most Beautiful Kerala Onam Saree Designs For 2023

Onam, the vibrant festival of Kerala, is a time of joy, unity, and celebration. One of the most memorable traditions during this festival is the ornament of the elegant and graceful Kerala Onam sarees. These sarees, known for their purity and simplicity, hold a special place in the hearts of every Keralite. As the Onam festival approaches in 2023, we bring you a curated collection of the top 9 most beautiful Kerala Onam saree designs to enhance your festivities and welcome the spirit of tradition and culture.

1. Off-White Saree for Onam Celebration

White Cotton Saree
onam saree look
Onam Saree Collectiona

Nothing captures the nature of Onam like an exquisite off-white saree. This supernatural Saree is a symbol of purity and grace, making it the perfect choice for the occasion. Kerala off white saree, decorated with intricate golden motifs, exudes culture. Whether attending the grand dinner or participating in the interesting Pookalam competition, this saree will make you stand out and add calmness to your celebrations.

2. Kerala Onam Saree with Maroon Border

kerala kasavu saree online shopping

Consider the traditional Kerala Onam saree with a maroon border for a classic yet striking look. The rich maroon hue beautifully complements the pure white body of the saree, creating a stunning contrast. This design is selected by many for its timeless appeal and is a popular choice among women during the festive season. Embrace the cultural significance of Onam in this captivating saree that captures the essence of Kerala's heritage.

3. White Onam Saree with Golden Border Kerala

kerala onam saree

Glow like a full moon in a white Onam saree with a golden border. The glowing golden border adds a touch of royalty to the saree, making it an ideal choice for grand celebrations and gatherings. This combination of white and gold represents prosperity and abundance, which align perfectly with the spirit of Onam. Step into the festivities confidently and elegantly as you drape in this Kerala onam saree resplendent attire.

4. Kerala Saree with Black Border

Onam Special saree

For those seeking a unique twist to the traditional white saree, the Kerala saree with a black border is a fascinating choice. The black border adds depth and a contemporary touch to the otherwise classic design. Embrace modernity while staying rooted in tradition with this elegant fashion. The combination of white and black creates an eye-catching outfit to make heads turn during the Onam celebrations with Anaya Designer Studio Special Kerala Onam Saree.

5. Off White Saree with Pink Border

off white saree with pink border

Add the energy of womanhood and charm to your Onam look with an off white Onam saree featuring a delicate pink border. This lovely combination seeps a soft and romantic vibe, perfect for the festival of love and togetherness. The subtle play of colors showcases the beauty of simplicity, and this Kerala Kasavu saree is a fantastic choice for daytime events and gatherings during the festive season.

6. Off White Color Silk Saree with Green Border

off white silk saree with green border

Submit in an off white silk saree with a green border for luxury. Silk sarees are loved for their polished texture and regal appearance, making them popular for special occasions. The green border supports a sense of freshness and vitality in the Onam saree, perfect for celebrating the renewal of life during Onam. Radiate elegance and grace as you wear this stunning silk saree to your festive gatherings.

7. White Cotton Saree for Onam Festival

Kerala Special Onam Saree Online

Simplicity meets comfort in the timeless white cotton saree, a favorite among women of all ages in Kerala. This Kerala Kasavu Saree is a blowing and lightweight that is perfect for the warm weather during the Onam festival. Its breathable fabric ensures you stay relaxed and comfortable throughout the day while participating in the festivities. Pair it with traditional gold jewelry to complete your classic Kerala Onam look.

8. Off White Color South Indian Saree Collection

off white cotton kerala kasavu saree

Embrace the cultural variety of the South India saree collection for Onam, representing the various states in the region. Each saree design is unique, reflecting the different heritage and artistry of the respective state. From Kanjivaram silk to Mysore silk, each saree in this collection tells its own story. Delight in the richness of South Indian traditions while celebrating the unity and oneness of the Onam festival.

9. Off White Silk Saree with Blue Border

off white silk saree with blue border

Elevate your Onam style with an off-white silk saree With blue border. The fashion of off-white and blue creates a visually stunning combination of regal and chic. This Onam saree is a fantastic choice for evening events and grand celebrations. Overwhelm in this exquisite attire as you immerse yourself in the festive spirit of Onam.

As the joyous occasion of Onam approaches in 2023, make a statement with these beautiful Kerala Onam saree designs. From the elegance of off white sarees to the charm of silk and cotton, each design captures the essence of Kerala's rich culture and tradition. Embrace the spirit of unity and prosperity as you celebrate this joyous festival in style. Whether you're in Kerala or living elsewhere, these sarees allow you to connect with your roots and participate in the vibrant festivities of Onam. Happy Onam!

FAQs Of Kerala Onam Saree:

Which is the saree worn in Onam?

The most popular saree worn in Onam is the kasavu saree. Kasavu is a fine, hand-woven fabric that is known for its sheen and elegance. It is a traditional choice for Onam celebration, and it is often decorated with gold or silver thread.

What is traditional Kerala saree called?

The traditional Kerala saree is known as the "Kasavu saree" or "Kerala Onam saree", featuring an elegant off-white or cream color with a golden border.

Which is the most famous saree in Kerala?

The most famous saree in Kerala is the "Kasavu saree" or "Kerala Onam saree." It is characterized by its off-white or cream color with a golden border, widely worn during festive occasions and cultural events.

Why is Kerala saree white and gold?

The Kerala saree is white and gold to symbolize purity and prosperity, with the off-white representing simplicity and the golden border signifying auspiciousness.

What is the best outfit for Onam function?

The best outfit for an Onam function is the traditional Kerala Onam saree, also known as the Kasavu saree, for women, and Mundu with a golden-bordered shirt for men.