Here You Can Check Stitching Policy And Sizechart To Alter The Product.

Work Price Price
Ready to Wear Saree 450 INR (Without Petticoat) 550 INR (With Petticoat)
Blouse 750 INR (Non-Padded) 850 INR (Padded)
Fall Pico 50 INR
Lehenga Stitching 250 INR
Extra Can-Can in Lehenga 300 INR (Double Layered)
Gown & Dresses Alteration 300 INR (upto2-4 inches) 550 INR (Fully Customization)

Women’s Size Chart in Inches for all the Products.

M 38″ 32″ 42″
L 40″ 34″ 44″
XL 42″ 36″ 46″
XXL 44″ 38″ 48″
Womens Size Chart
Here's tip: if you not find an exact match, go for next large size.

This is a problem encountered by nearly all when purchasing an outfit. What size is the best suitable for me? We often think about it.

All you need is three measurements, and you’re ready!

  • Chest
  • Waist
  • Hip

For Lehenga:

In our shop, we offer 95% lehenga which is a semi-stitched style

Now, the question is: What is a semi-stitched product? means that are semi-stitched in lehenga comes in 3 different components 1. lehenga 2. duppta 3. blouse. The lehenga’s side is open, so you are able to easily alter it according to your size. for the blouse you get only fabric, so you can tailor it to the size and design you want, and the dupatta is completely stitched.

For Saree:

We are Providing 2 Types of Sarees 1. Normal Saree 2. Ready to Wear Sarees(Trendy saree for girls).

  • Normal Saree: It comes similar to what we normally purchase from any offline or online Store with unstitched blouse fabric and no the fall Piko.
  • Ready to Wear Saree: This type of saree can be extremely easy to put on for those who do not sure how to dress any kind of saree. it comes with stitched Pleates on sarees. It also comes with a hook. This allows you to easily adjust to fit your body.

Note: We Make Normal Sarees in Ready to Wear Condition if you want to Buy any normal Sarees not worry about it. 

For Half-Saree:

Half sarees are South Indian Special Products. For this product, our store is only providing Fabric for all of the components like Langa, Voni, and blouse. also, We are not offering Stitching Services for half sarees.

For Dresses:

The majority of our Dreese is offered in 2 sizes: 42(XL) and 44(XXL). and the rest of the Dresses are available in various sizes (Details included in Product Description). 

For Gown:

The majority of our Gown is offered in 2 sizes: 42(XL) and 44(XXL). and the rest of the Gowns are available in various sizes (Details included in Product Description).